• CHUJA’s work to sensitize the public on the effects of hazardous cooking fuels is praised.  KOKO reiterates that the problem needs urgent mass awareness to minimize the negative impacts on public health and climate.


Nairobi: May 14, 2019: KOKO, the international technology company that is rolling out a clean cooking fuel distribution Network in Kenya in partnership with Vivo Energy, starting now in Nairobi, today announces its support of the ongoing “CHUJA” campaign, calling on others to pledge their support and sign the petition online.

CHUJA, an acronym for Chama Cha Usalama Jikoni Amua, aims to encourage Kenyans to reconsider how their choice of cooking fuel impacts their family’s health, as well as the environment. It aims to rally Kenyans around the dangerous health impacts stemming from unsafe cooking practices and indoor air pollution, driven primarily by charcoal, kerosene, firewood, and illegally-refilled LPG.

At the same time, CHUJA seeks to highlight the availability of clean alternatives, such as bioethanol and (safe) LPG.

“When we saw the message and vision of CHUJA, it was clear to us that this is a natural fit, and we wholeheartedly support any campaign that seeks to encourage positive choices for Kenyan families and the environment. The CHUJA music video released last week by Mejja was great in highlighting this critical issue with great humour and creativity. It’s clear that CHUJA shares a kindred spirit with KOKO!”, said Leila Ibrahim, Chief Customer Officer at KOKO Networks.

She added: “The impact of indoor air pollution and kitchen explosions is terrible, and often underreported. It’s estimated that more than 20,000 people die every year in Kenya as a result of diseases attributed to indoor air pollution. At KOKO, we’re acutely aware of this scourge, and that’s why we are working hard to bring clean, affordable KOKO Fuel to households across Kenya, starting in Nairobi.”

The WHO has long reported on the continued impacts of household air pollution that is driven by polluting and unsafe cooking methods, such as charcoal and kerosene. It is often women and children who suffer most; a report last year found that, in Kenya, as many as 8-10% of early deaths are attributable to indoor air pollution from charcoal and wood cooking alone, not even including kerosene.

It’s not just Kenya’s health system that feels the strain as a result of dirty cooking fuels; the environment is suffering greatly, due to toxic emissions and charcoal-driven deforestation, which threatens the country’s food security due to microclimate change and lower agricultural yields.


About KOKO

KOKO Networks is an international technology company that has developed a unique technology solution in Kenya that enables the safe and low-cost distribution of bio-ethanol cooking fuel for Nairobi households – a clean, affordable and safe alternative to charcoal and kerosene.

KOKO manufactures, distributes and markets a modern 2-burner KOKO Cooker that offers a safer, faster, cleaner, more affordable solution than charcoal, kerosene or firewood.

KOKO Fuel is dispensed into reusable Smart Canisters through Fuel ATMs called “KOKOpoints”. These are installed inside Agent shops across the city. KOKO Fuel is supplied in partnership with Vivo Energy, using KOKO’s unique last-mile distribution technologies, produced at KOKO’s state-of-the-art Technology Production Facility in Nairobi.